Айвори (Ivory) Компьютеры Герцлия Питуах

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Герцлия, Arieh Shenkar 4

Магазин Айвори в Герцлии Питуах

Часы работы:

Воскресенье - Четверг с 9-30 до 19-00

Пятница закрыто

Ivory Компьютеры - крупная израильская сеть магазинов, предлагающих широкий ассортимент компьютеров, ноутбуков, планшетов, мобильных телефонов, оргтехники и расходных материалов, программного обеспечения ведущих мировых производителей.

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Ivory Computers and Mobile:

Ivory (in Hebrew: אייבורי) was founded in 1991 and now is foremost store chain in the field of computers, smartphones, tablets, consoles and games, accessories, peripheral equipment, etc...  

Stores Throughout the Country: Ivory Computers operates 36 stores nationwide from Eilat to Carmiel, where the customers can enjoy a courteous and professional team.  

A Variety of Products: The variety of products (over 4,000 products) marketed by the company includes desktop and laptop computers, cellular phones and smartphones, monitors and TV screens, tablets, gaming consoles and games, software, computer peripheral equipment and accessories.  

Assembling Desktop Computers: Ivory operates a logistics center with an innovating assembly lab, where all custom desktops are assembled according
to the customer's specifications. Orders can be placed at any Ivory store, as well as online. Computers are comprised of the best and most advanced components and their quality is tested rigorously and extensively prior to their delivery to the customer.  

Customer Service: Ivory maintains service stations in most of its stores and a nationwide customer service department that provides
telephonic assistance in all matters.  

Accessibility: Ivory's wish to provide equal service to as many people as possible results in our making efforts to adjust the stores facilities and accommodate the needs of customers with disabilities.

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