Голан Телеком (Golan Telecom) Акко

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Акко, HaHaroshet 2

Центр Продаж и Обслуживания Голан Телеком в Каньоне Азриэли Акко

Часы работы:

с 9-30 до 21-00

Пакеты обслуживания>>>

Оператор мобильной связи Голан Телеком работает в Израиле с 2012 года. Позиционируется как низкобюджетный оператор связи.

Our mission is to revolutionize Israel's cellular market. For that cause we participated in the Tender the Israeli Ministry of Communications conducted and won the Mobile Operator's License (in the 2100MHZ spectrum), allowing us to build our own network and infrastructure.

 We are a team of Israeli and foreign entrepreneurs and executives, with a long proven experience in the telecom sector, and with a goal to provide high quality communications services at the most competitive pricing. Our track record in competing with giant communications companies abroad and in Israel has been successful and highly appraised as an innovative, competitive and daring alternative. Our shareholders, Xavier Niel and Michael Golan, are well known as aggressive competitors in the French market monopolies

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