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The best podiatrists in Israel - Reviews and Ratings


How to choose a podiatrist and medical pedicurist. Specialists in foot treatment and foot care in Israel.

* Podiatrists are doctors who deal with diseases of the foot and lower leg, performing conservative and surgical treatment on bones, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

These are specialists who deal with foot care. Podologists perform hardware and instrumental pedicures, provide assistance with ingrown toenails, hygiene procedures, and give recommendations on the choice of corrective shoes.

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Based on hundreds of reviews from Israelis, we compiled


David BENAROCH דוד בן הרוש פודולוג

Rating 4,8*

Podiatry is a discipline that is too poorly understood and we find it difficult to appreciate its importance. Not only for the well-being of our feet, but also, above all, for our posture

My professional experience has led me to BELIEVE that (too) many ankle, knee, pelvic and spine injuries are directly related to foot problems.

The human body must be looked at as a whole, and an assessment by a podiatrist or even a postural podiatrist can provide insight into how static foot disorder (a problem with growth coming from the feet) can cause back pain.

Does an examination by a podiatrist change from mahon orthopedics (shops of orthopedic products and insoles)

If you have never seen a podiatrist before, it is important for you to understand what the podiatrist is observing when they examine you. “The Mercaz caf Haregel centers follow key milestones,” says David BEN AROCH, whom we met.

In reviews:

- David is a true professional! Deals with the problem easily, professionally and carefully. Very charming and pleasant service.

If I have to go back, it will be to him! Highly recommend

Marc Sarfati Podologue-Podiatrist Tel Aviv

Rating 4,9*

Marc Sarfati is a State Qualified Podiatrist in a French institution approved by the Ministry of Health.

During his years of study, he completed numerous internships in hospitals, as well as in sports centers.

At the same time, he completed additional training in sports podiatry, podo-pediatrics and diabetology.

Before making aliyah in 2019, he worked for 2 years at the Drouot Clinic in Paris 9, specializing in Sports and Osteoarthritis, and at the Reaumur Medical Center in Paris 2.

He currently consults at Neve Tzedek Medical Center, a multidisciplinary medical center in central Tel Aviv.

Mark Sarfati treats much more than just foot pain. Its area of ​​action covers the entire lower limb, as well as the spine.

Muscular, joint, neurological pathologies, posture problems, sunken feet, flat feet or even medical pedicure (ingrown nails, corns, calluses, blisters, hematomas under the nail, etc.).

The wide range of activities makes this profession a truly interesting solution to the problems of acute or chronic pain.

Mark Sarfati can offer high-quality support for orthopedic pedicure.

In reviews:

- Marc Sarfati

He puts his skills and professionalism at the service of a clientele who are increasingly attracted by his kindness and his availability!
Going to check it out makes it even a pleasure!
Thanks Mark

Perla Dzialowski Podiatrist-Podologue-פודיאטר

Rating 5*

DE (state diploma) from the National Institute of Podiatry, a school approved by the French Ministry of Health.

I have a strong interest in the medical and social environment. I decided to become a Podiatrist at the age of 21 after receiving my high school diploma.

After a year of preparing for the entrance exams, I entered the National Institute of Podology, a school approved by the French Ministry of Health, for 3 years.

During these 3 years, I received training in specific foot care, orthopedic musculoskeletal assessment, and orthotic insoles.

In July 2020, I received my DE diploma (state diploma), which allowed me to work in several Parisian offices and at home. In October 2022, I arrived in Tel Aviv, where I am currently working.

In reviews:

- I called an urgent care appointment, Perla saw me the same day... checked my leg which was hurting terribly.. knew what was wrong right away... she helped me so much... thank you Perla

Podiatrist Jonathan Caplin Ramat Gan - יונתן קפלין פודיאטור

Rating 4,8*

Jonathan Caplin is a Podiatrist who specializes in the treatment of ingrown toenails.

At Laser Caplin, we use advanced laser technology to provide fast, effective, pain-free treatment for ingrown toenails.

Laser treatment is extremely effective and prevents permanent harm to the patient that can be caused by removing or trimming the damaged ingrown toenail.

After standard treatment, the ingrown toenail may reappear along with pain and frustration. Laser treatment, on the other hand, eliminates the problem permanently.

CO2 laser treatment for ingrown toenails is a high-quality alternative that is more effective and almost painless. It treats the foot by providing an aesthetic solution that, more importantly, permanently prevents the recurrence of the ingrown toenail.

Laser treatment for ingrown toenails guarantees almost 100% success and requires no more than one procedure. It is also more effective compared to other treatments

Less bleeding, even in severe cases. Laser treatment reduces postoperative discomfort and pain. Recovery time is faster than with conventional treatment (return to normal routine in just one day). Particularly effective in severe cases and diabetes. More aesthetic surgical results. Treatment once and for all – without the need for repeated or ongoing treatment.

Over the years, Jonathan Caplin has gained extensive experience working in academic medical institutions and has treated tens of thousands of patients in clinics in England and Israel.

Jonathan Caplin was the first to bring laser treatment for ingrown toenails to Israel thirty years ago, and since then his extensive experience has grown, making him an authority in the field.

In reviews:

- There is no doubt that doing the procedure with Jonathan was the right decision.

(I did the same procedure on both toes...)

He is a top-level professional, explains everything patiently and calmly and with a wide smile.

Due to working on sand, I was unable to properly follow Jonathan's instructions after surgery.

And Jonathan and the team were always there to give advice and help.

In everything, from small to large.

I intend to recommend everyone I know who has this problem to contact Jonathan.

Thanks to Jonathan and team for your care and concern!

Sarah & Steven Chemama Podologue סטיבן ושרה שממה פודיאטור/פודולוג

Rating 4,8*

Sarah and Stephen Chemama, podiatrists, graduates of the French public foundation Boris Dolto (EFOM, Paris 15).

We gained our experience in the largest hospitals in Paris: in the Tenon, Lariboisière, Robert Ballanger, Robert Debreu, Pitié-Salpêtrière hospitals in the departments of diabetology, rheumatology and orthopedics.

Before settling in Israel, we made numerous changes in liberal cabinets.

We are trained in specialist foot care and static and dynamic assessment of interactions with the musculoskeletal system.

 We are also trained in the design of toe orthoses (orthotics), nail orthoses (orthonyxia) and plantar orthoses (orthotics) based on a complete static and dynamic clinical examination of the patient, which forms a significant part of our professional practice.

Medical pedicure


In reviews:

- I came to Stephen after two months of pain in my big toe and a visit to two dermatologists who diagnosed me with an ingrown toenail. Stephen was very professional, diagnosed that I had a wart under my fingernail, treated it carefully and the relief was immediate. Thank you

Yonit Medical Pedicure קליניקה לפדיקור ומניקור רפואי

Rating 4,5*

Yonit is a medical pedicurist with over 30 years of experience, specializing in the treatment and restoration of nails without laser.

The methods are based on thorough cleaning of all contaminated cells to achieve successful restoration.

You can purchase routes to suit your personal situation or purchase a one-time cleaning service.

The level of sterilization in the instruments is the same as in the operating room, so the sterility is absolute.

The working method is not aggressive and we also avoid the use of chemicals.

In addition, we take great care of cancer patients, diabetics, the elderly, women, men and children.

Athletes, disabled people, etc.

Removal of warts without surgery, treatment of ingrown nails with anesthetic gel, very thorough cleaning of nails.

In reviews:

- Yonit is an excellent professional. Already from the first course of treatment, there has been an improvement in the condition of the fungus, which I have not seen in any of the previous courses of treatment. Yonit is very kind, the place is clean and cozy.

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