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The best, famous osteopaths in Israel - Reviews and Ratings


Doctors who treat conservatively, with their hands. We will look for the most qualified specialists in this field of medicine in Israel.

We checked hundreds of reviews and selected the most popular, famous osteopaths in Israel

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Top best osteopaths in Israel

Barkatz Ostéopathe

Rating 4,8*

Benjamin Barkatz, osteopathic doctor, graduated from the ATMAN school in Nice in 2009, approved by the Ministry of Health.

I worked in France for 7 years before making aliyah in January 2017.

Specializes in the field of sports, pregnant women and babies.

In reviews:

- I have been to several osteopaths for several sessions with common problems of the shoulders, neck and upper back. Life and stress... one therapist was good, but after 25 minutes he sent me home. The second therapist was also good, but I felt he was very intellectual and technical. Until I came to Benjamin and stayed because he puts in the time and effort, everything is done nice and warm, and he approaches the body differently every time. highly recommend!!!

Barry TinWoodman - בארי טינוודמן

Rating 5*

My name is Barry and I am a Certified Kinesiologist, Osteopath and Massage Therapist.

 I helped and continue to help in rehabilitation after operations, in improving the function of the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, solving problems in the functioning of myofascial chains and problems in the activity of tendon mechanisms through massage techniques. Helps in solving problems of psychosomatic disorders and depressive conditions.

In reviews:

- I came to Bari as a gift from friends for a Swedish massage, for a whole hour I felt how my body was recovering...

During the massage, Barry talked and explained things to me in order to preserve what I had and not destroy my body from sore legs.

In addition, without prior preparation, he knew exactly what the pain points were and worked on them.

I came out looking like new!

highly recommend!

Johanna Azoulay, Osteopath D.O

Rating 5*

Joanna Azoulay

Always fascinated by the human body and its functioning, at the age of 18 I decided to train in osteopathy.

After 2 years of studying at the ICON school of osteopathy, I received a diploma in craniosacral.

I then decided to continue my studies at the Wingate Institute, an approved five-year institution, to become an Osteopath.

In reviews:

- She truly is the most caring person!

Very professional!!

Thank you Joanna for everything you have done!!

MBClinic בהנהלת בוריס מורוז: רפואה משולבת, אוסטאופטיה (DO), דיקור יבש, טיפול בגלי הלם

Rating 5*

Integrative Medicine Clinic. Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Osteopathy, dry needling and shock wave therapy.

The clinic combines traditional Western medicine and alternative medicine. The most modern equipment to achieve maximum results. The use of an integrative diagnostic method makes it possible to make a very accurate diagnosis.

Clinic of integrative medicine, specializing in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. The clinic provides osteopathy, shock wave therapy, ultrasound therapy and orthopedic (dry) acupuncture services.

MBClinic was founded in 2018 by Boris Moroz (DO), an expert in the field of osteopathy and rehabilitation.

In reviews:

- I turned to Boris with pain and discomfort in my back and neck, which lasted for more than a year and caused me daily suffering and worsened my quality of life.

Boris very quickly identified the cause of the problem.

.and treated me professionally and accurately

Boris has a deep understanding and understanding of the human body, he is very professional, has crazy knowledge in this field and, most importantly, a huge love and sense of mission for his profession.

Montefiore Clinic of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy - Клиника Монтефиоре Физиотерапия и Остеопатия - מרפאת מונטיפיורי לפיזיותרפיה ואוסטאופתיה

Rating 5*

Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Osteopath


If you have one of the following diagnoses, there is a good chance that we can help you.


Intervertebral disc herniation

Osteoarthritis of the joints

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Heel spur and inflammation of the Achilles tendon

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Epicondylitis of the elbow joint

Shoulder impingement syndrome

frozen shoulder

Temporomandibular disorders

Cluster headaches and migraines

Non-surgical rehabilitation

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If your condition is not indicated above, or you do not have a diagnosis, contact us. We will discuss your problem and predict the likelihood of successful treatment.

 Evgeniy Dizik.

I am a licensed physical therapist in Israel and Canada.

I am also a Certified Osteopath and a Fellow of the College of Osteopathic Practitioners of Ontario (2018-2019).

My approach combines evidence-based, complementary and advanced practices that include both classical and advanced osteopathic medicine and physical therapy.

He was born in the USSR and made aliyah to Israel as a child.

Completed medical training in Israel. I have a first and second degree in Physiotherapy from Israeli universities (Haifa and Ben Gurion graduates 2008, 2013). The topic of my thesis was “Dry needling techniques for the treatment of scar tissue adhesions.”

He was a guest lecturer at the Wingate Institute School of Massage Therapists (Israel), where he taught anatomy, physiology and orthopedics.

In reviews:

- Evgeniy is an excellent therapist! managed to relieve me of pain in my tailbone after a fall in just two procedures. She gave me exercises at home to prevent the pain from returning. Highly recommend!

Ori Plotkin אורי פלוטקין אוסטאופת בפרדס חנה כרכור ובראשל"צ

Rating 5*

My name is Ori, I am a certified osteopath, MD, graduate of a 5-year osteopathic course at the academic college of the Wingate Institute.

Member of the professional association of osteopathy in Israel - RAI and the Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.

In the past, I have taught as part of the osteopathic faculty at Wingate Academic College and the Cypress Campus.

I worked for the Maccabi and Mauhadat medical foundations as an osteopath for several years and am currently treating in private clinics in Rishon Lezion and Karkur.

In addition, I founded a program for continuing osteopathic treatment of children for qualified osteopaths.

Patients come to the clinic in Karkur from all over Pardes Hana, Karkur, Hadera, Harish, Binyamin, Givat Ada, Netanya, the northern and central regions.

Patients come to the Rishon Lezion clinic from Holon, Bat Yam, Azor, Tel Aviv, Ramla, Lod and the entire central region.

In reviews:

- We came to Ori after a hematoma on our girl’s head, and in addition to honesty, a pleasant attitude and a sense of safety for the girl, you can really see a significant improvement after one procedure.

In one of the calls he touched on a few more things that would help her, such as side preferences and gases, and this is a really big improvement. highly recommend !

Osteopathe Netanya Johanna Esseryk Amouyal OSTÉOPATHE D.O

Rating 4,9*

My name is Johanna Esric, osteopath, graduated from Ostebio, France, approved by the French Ministry of Health, trained in the field of prenatal and pediatric osteopathy, treatment of postural deficits in children and adolescents, prevention and treatment of malformations of the child's skull.

Osteopath at the Carpi-Anne Valois Medical Center (France). 2016 to present: Osteopath in Netanya and Koffat Holchem ​​Maccabi.

In reviews:

- An excellent therapist helps me with back pain, neck pain, neck pain and more that nothing helps. It comes to me once every six months or annually

Osteopathic Clinic in Beer-Sheva - Остеопатическая клиника - אוסטאופתיק קליניק

Rating 5*

Osteopathic clinic

This is a clinic that specializes in providing solutions through treatments from the family of alternative medicine. We provide the answer to a wide variety of pains using a variety of treatment methods suitable for all ages, even repairs.

We believe in satisfied customers, so we do everything we can to provide the highest level of service.

When you come to the Osteopathic Clinic, you can count on an individual approach, professionalism and fair prices... We provide solutions for every person that will help them feel better, regardless of age, origin or skin color!

Igor Monastyrsky

I have been working in the field of complementary medicine for over 13 years and know that I am “in the right place”. The opportunity to help people gives me great satisfaction every time.

✓ Certified osteopath.

✓ Specialist in movement and diagnosis of pain and movement restrictions.

✓ Holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the School of Complementary Medicine on behalf of Wingate Academic College.

✓ Has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Sciences from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

✓ Member of the Professional Association of Osteopathy in Israel.

Treatment of back pain

In reviews:

- Professional, attentive, very pleasant medical worker!! Thank you very much for the great job!!!

Rafaele Hana Ostéopathe - חנה אוסטאופתית

Rating 5*

Osteopathy Rafaele Hana

My goal is to find and correct the cause of the imbalance responsible for your pain, which will spontaneously correct other disorders.

For this I use my osteopathic tests and techniques.

Therefore, during the session, in order to relieve you of pain as quickly as possible, I use a number of osteopathic tools that I have, such as functional osteopathy (without fissures), craniosacral osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and emotional osteopathy.

My precise and precise techniques allow me to treat all physical and emotional disorders, from adults to infants.

My treatments have allowed me to specialize in functional infertility disorders as well as in the care of pregnant women and have helped many women free themselves from physical and emotional trauma (violence, aggression, traumatic birth, etc.) and be able to give birth. gorgeous kids.

Finally, to best support my patients (new or new mothers), I specialized in pediatric osteopathy.

In reviews:

- Rafaele is very professional and reassuring. We feel that she manages her work. She will heal you of all your ailments very gently. I recommend it.

reborn osteopathy רפאל משעניה אוסטאופת

Rating 5*

Rafael Mashania m.ost

Osteopathic specialist

She has a Bachelor's and Master's degree from London, specializing in infants, pregnant women, chronic patients, migraines, back pain, neck pain and more.

Alternative medicine meets modern medicine.

Osteopathy finds the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. By understanding the structure of the body and how it works, the osteopath works like a detective, trying to connect the dots and understand what is hindering the body's healing process or what is causing the pain or symptoms the patient is experiencing. .

Once the problem is identified, the osteopath will treat the symptomatic area and other areas related to the problem.

The treatment is a contact therapy that uses pressure and stretching to release the vertebrae and muscles, affect the nervous system and improve blood flow in the body.

You are invited to experience a procedure that you have never experienced before and feel your body like before.

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