Битуах Хаклаи (Bituach Haklai)

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Тель-Авив, HaHashmonaim 93

Часы работы офиса в Тель-Авиве:

Воскресенье - Четверг с 8-00 до 15-30

Страховая компания Битуах Хаклаи существует с 30-х годов 20-го века. Начинала со страхования киббуцев и мошавов. Сейчас почти половину дохода компании приносит страховки частных лиц.

Our story begins at the end of the 1930’s when, after the Jezreel Valley Railway (a branch of the Hejaz Railway) had set fire to the settlements’ grain fields several times and insurance companies had refused to cover this risk, a handful of the kibbutzim decided to adopt the basic idea of mutual insurance and established the mutual agricultural insurance fund.

That mutual fund has come a long way since then. Beginning with field and crops fire insurance, the fund then added coverage for supplies to the farms, tractors and vehicles and, over the years, industrial and liabilities insurance, and in recent years we have also established a subsidiary, the successful Atudot pensions fund.

The mutual agricultural fund changed its name several times before the current "Bituach Haklai Central Cooperative Society Ltd."

The Society is owned by 261 kibbutzim, moshavim and associations in the agricultural settlement sector, and acts as an insurance company in every sense of the term. It is authorised to operate in all branches of insurance and, like every other Israeli insurer, subject to state suppervision.

About 60% of all the society's revenues emanate from insurances for kibbutzim and plants and businesses connected with them, and about 40% emanate from insurances for the private sector through selected insurance agents.

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