Argo Coral Maritime (Israel) Ltd.

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Хайфа, Haifa Bay 26119

Argo Coral Maritime (Israel) Ltd.
Safety, reliability and customer service

Argo Coral Maritime (Israel) Ltd. (ACM), a shipping company specializing mainly in the Conventional/General Cargo trade, offers a complete service in all aspects of shipping, transportation and cargo logistics.

ACM is acting as ship managers, ship operators, brokers and agents.

ACM is active in the fields of marine works and construction, quay accessories, floating equipment, maintains exclusive representations with leading international dredging companies for large and medium dredging and reclamation works, as well as offshore pipeline projects, salvage and heavy lift projects

ACM is distinguished by its superior customer service, with a particular emphasis on quality control, reliability and efficient customer communications. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in all aspects of our operations.

ACM is committed to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis on marine safety, safe working practices, cargo safety, and environmental protection.

ACM is Safety Management System Certified to the ISM Code by DNV

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